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The Leadership of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) is worried about the increasing challenges of insecurity and terrorist activities within the region. In response to the challenges, the leaders have demonstrated greater interest and commitment to curb violent extremism within the region. The growing spate of terrorist activities within West Africa with connections to several other terrorist groups across the globe remains a considerable concern to all well-meaning individuals and groups across the globe. Thus, the leaders established a framework to confront and combat terrorism and Prevention of Violent Extremism (PVE). A notable commitment is the ECOWAS Political Declaration and Common Position Against Terrorism.

The Intergovernmental Action Group against Money Laundering in West Africa (GIABA) is a specialized Institution of ECOWAS. GIABA was established as the region's response to the challenges of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing in West Africa. Since its establishment, GIABA has worked with member States to develop strategies TO FIGHT money laundering and terrorism financing and provided technical assistance that has greatly assisted member states in fighting money laundering and terrorism financing. To this end, GIABA is leading the process of partnering with relevant stakeholders in curbing terrorism and terrorism financing in the West African region.

Dedicated funds are allocated to excellently engage in preventive measures that would result in a concrete reduction in terrorism, terrorism financing, and violent extremism within the region. It is practically impossible to eliminate violent extremism using brutal force only. Therefore, strong preventive measures are essential to reducing or eliminating violent extremism. Critical steps to take will commence with massive awareness raising among the youths and the targeted population at large to reduce the spate of radicalization and violent extremism. Engaging and sensitizing relevant stakeholders in affected communities is one fundamental approach to addressing the menace.

Consequently, GIABA requires the services of active, recognized, and credible Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) that would partner in implementing preventive measures through massive community engagements, sensitization programmes, mass mobilization, and focus groups that will drive preventive messages and engagements in identified catchment areas.

Conducting media investigation or civil society advocacy, including sensitization about issues of terrorism, terrorist financing, and prevention of violent extremism, are both time-consuming and capital-intensive. More often than not, Non-Profit Organisations or civil society groups lack the funds required to engage communities in preventive measures against terrorism, terrorist financing, and violent extremism. Therefore, however great their zeal to carry out the required awareness raising and community engagement, they are incapacitated by the lack of funds. 


The CSOs will use multiple channels to create awareness amongst the targeted population; mobilise youths and religious leaders and sensitize them on the ills of terrorism and violent extremism; review terrorist-promoting narratives and provide counter-narratives in the information, education, enlightenment, and communication contents; identify measurable impact; and generate periodic reports of activities and most especially, short term, medium term, and long term impact of the engagements. Prepare and submit a standard financial report of released grants to GIABA periodically and at the end of the programme implementation.

Location of the Project:

The engagement will cover selected locations within the catchment areas of the project intervention. For specificity, the Manor River Union Countries (Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea) and North-East Nigeria would be covered.

Projected Funds:

Through a competitive process, GIABA would grant the funds to the recruited CSOs; ECOWAS has mobilized and earmarked a stipulated amount to cover the engagements' costs.  


The primary objective of this activity is to enhance the preventive measures against the rising threat of terrorism and violent extremism within West Africa, thereby curbing terrorism within the region. Specifically, the activity aims to: 

  • i. Ensure the maintenance and sustainability of partnership and work of the CSOs in creating massive awareness against the spread of violent extremism;
  • ii. mobilize and educate stakeholders on the need for a collective approach to carry out awareness campaigns to influence an effective implementation of preventive measures against terrorism; 
  • iii. utilize CSOs and other platforms for the dissemination, publication, and sharing of enlightenment content among affected communities; 
  • iv. effectively engage the CSOs, Faith Based Organisations, and communities to take ownership of the fight against terrorism and violent extremism. 

Delivery Modalities 

The program will be delivered by grantees, under guidance, and monitored by regional and relevant officials of the GIABA Secretariat. The Support would be delivered by a team selected by the Director General through meetings and discussions, project planning, and evaluations. 

In accordance with the ECOWAS Grant Code (2018), two reputable CSOs with the capacity and experience within the ECOWAS Member States will be awarded the grant to carry out programs under this activity. 

Expected Output / Outcome 

At the end of this activity, it is expected to lead to a reduction in radicalization, increased awareness, and sensitized communities that would prevent the continuous spread of violent extremism.

Key output/outcomes expected from the program include:  

  • Enhanced cooperation and collaboration among community groups to prevent violent extremism, where possible, discreetly identify, isolate, and report perpetrators to appropriate authorities. 
  • Strengthened coordination between the Secretariat, member States, and the CSOs and on PVE issues through the platforms of regional and national networks of CSOs.  
  • Improved performances of member States by building on the structure of the engagement for a continuous preventive approach to counter-terrorism and PVE.

Submission of Interest:

Interested and qualified CSOs within the region should submit their expression of interest, with evidence of previous experiences on the subject matter, through a comprehensive proposal to GIABA on or before January 15, 2024.

Proposals should be submitted to: 

GIABA Secretariat

December 19, 2023