Core Functions


Based on its mandates, GIABA's core functions include:

Institutional Development, to constitute a healthy and competent Regional Body for AML/CFT, capable of providing the requisite support to member States to help them develop the substantial capacity to counter Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism, within their respective jurisdictions and at the regional level.

Compliance Monitoring, to monitor and assess member States to determine their level of compliance with acceptable international AML/CFT standards. This involves the conduct of mutual evaluations and follow-up actions.

Typologies and other Research: Typologies are a specialized type of studies, which help to determine the techniques, methods, extent, pattern, trends, location, and impact of ML and FT on the Member States. Conventional research also constitutes a critical component of studies conducted by GIABA.

Technical Support to the Member States to provide support to the Member States to create more robust and more effective and efficient AML/CFT structures and practices. This includes developing Member States financial intelligence units (FIUs) and strengthening other vital national AML/CFT agencies.

Partnerships: promotion of strategic partnerships with the private sector, civil society, religious institutions, Women Groups, Youths, Students, and other key stakeholders.

Regional and International Cooperation, to expand and reinforce cooperation within and between the Member States, between the Member States and GIABA, and with International partners in general.